Wednesday, April 2, 2008

On the Road...?

Kuwait is designed for cars. Not to have one – as I do not have one – is to place oneself outside the circle of human existence car drivers expect all mortals to belong to.

‘Oh you don’t have a car?!”…right I see. Er…’

Why don’t I have a car? Let me see.

I don’t want to buy one as leasing will cost more per month than the cost of taxis. Kuwait is bereft of sufficient interesting places to roam around in and explore in random spontaneous ways. My transport to and from work is provided and paid for by my employer. I hate looking for parking places and parking in general. Finally, and possibly most significantly, Kuwaiti drivers are insanely aggressive and rule-defying, or should I say rule-free. Why I presume I’m any safer as a passenger than a driver, however, is, I can accept, dubious indeed.

On the other hand, when the heat hits 50 centigrade plus in the shade, even walking to the local mall might force me to go independently mobile.

Then, as must all new venturers onto the highways of this dusty land, I will have to learn the new principles of inter-vehicular discourse. Which comprise:

Not expecting cars to signal at any time
Not expecting drivers to defer to or wave you on at any time, but to exploit every opportunity to force their way in front of you
Distrusting the meaning and purpose of traffic lights.
Expecting to be overtaken in any lane at any time.
Having an annoying bleeping noise irritate you whenever you exceed the 120 Kph ‘speed limit.’

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