Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ten Ways For Women To Keep Their Gentleman Happy

This is the kind of headline one would never find on my Yahoo homepage. Although, if one reverses the genders, it is precisely what I found this evening. And that kind of thing is not rare at all: advice men must receive about how they should improve themselves for women. Sexist? Not at all. Why would it be that? How can women criticizing men ever be sexist?

Anyway, it’s an interesting question. And for the sake of equality – whatever that means- one might as well ask it. How then can women keep us men happy? After all, it’s hardly a sexist question, is it?


Anonymous said...

Jon! don't you ever read the cover of Cosmopolitan? They are CONSTANTLY telling us women how to keep you men happy - in bed, in the kitchen, whatever. it's still the 50's in there.

truth is, only oneself can make one truly happy. and joy comes in sharing it with others.


Jonathan said...

Are you Priscilla?

Well, Cosmopolitan is a magazine, unless the world has changed alot, which is intended for women, not for either men or women. Yahoo, however is for either gender, and this is relevant I think.