Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A White House

This unChinese-looking building is where I work. Not quite the white house that removal vans will shortly be servicing but a white house nonetheless. Except that I don’t sleep here. I sleep in the small pinkish building off to the left which, believe it or not, is a hotel.

You can’t see the window of my office. I’m on the other side of the building. You can’t swim in the lake, or even take boats out upon it. Or perhaps you can, but it might be thought odd if you did. Anyway, it’s now getting rather chilly for that kind of thing.

Actually, a few more buildings have emerged since this photo was taken. Suffice it to say they are not of fascinating design.


longsword said...

You are in China now? I was wondering where you had gotten to, man o' the world. Why can't you take boats on the lake, or swim in it? Is it polluted?

longsword said...

Oh, yes, by the way. Thanks for the Gurdjieff book. Most interesting.

Jonathan said...

Oh, I meant the University authorities dont provide such boating services, which is perhaps quite a waste in the burning heat of summer.

Good to hear from you Longsword. I have been absent from your site because it is blocked! I hope to be able to get round this problem, which also affects many other sites.

All the best. Glad you like the Gurdjieff.


Selena Dreamy said..., Jonathan - what about Chinese music. I love Chinese music...I adore it...I wish I could download it somewhere...