Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sweep Down

Sweep down gentle force to free us
Sweep down the kindling fire

Voices again speak to voices of substance
Ears hearing sounds of depth

Flesh singing to flesh of flesh restored in vividness
Eyes mingling with eyes at rest.


Selena Dreamy said...

I am somewhat partial to verses that rhyme. But admittedly, my obsession with an outdated literary form sometimes sacrifices poetry.

These pensive lines are rather pleasant. The result of long reflection, I wonder, or a moment’s inspiration?

Lee James said...

Delightful use of rhythm and alliteration - as ever, my Lord. The ethereal euphony belies a prophetic maxim as earthly and primordial as Tharmas hisself.

Jonathan said...

I don't much care for rhyme myself. It seems like the granting of too much of an emphasis to form over content, to style over message.

I realise the two are inseparable of course, but they still need to be balanced. Besides, rhythm is the true soul of expression, and the music in words is what I care for. Which is why I love T.S Eliot as I do, and cannot bear the stolid weight of so much modern verse.

Thanks for these kind words Selena and Lee.

No Selena the words came to me suddenly...during a class as it happens, though I edited them slightly. I remember, however, deciding that I would write a poem. Maybe I should write some more.