Friday, January 25, 2008

Not Religious

From my last post it seems that I am a religious lunatic.

Nicky told me when I was at Durham that I'd always have problems with women because they'd always be jealous of my relationship with God. Women, she said, want to come first in a man's life, and sense that with me they wouldn't.

Does that make God a contraceptive?

Actually, I've never understood myself as a religious person. Which may or may not make sense, given the things I write.


Selena Dreamy said...

Always remember: the greatness of God is in direct inverse proportion to the seductiveness of the female, and religion nature's own biological contraceptive.

Extinction lurks!

Anonymous said...

Women tend to be practical and earthy. After the Red Army rolled into Berlin in '45 the German men were getting booze so they could drink themselves insensible; the women were out queueing for bread.

Women keep things going, do the cooking, have an eye for detail, for technicalities. In my experience, cerebral women tend to be very arrogant and nagging, and often incredibly angry.

Probably women find cerebral men a turn-off because they're interested in practicalities, e.g. how much money you have, if you can provide for any future children. Alas, cerebral women, who might circumvent this down-to-earthness, also tend to be insane.

The trick is to wear lots of aftershave and keep grabbing your crotch while talking to them, to fool them into thinking you're a down-to-earth type of guy.

Rev Simon Tillotson said...

I personally believe everyone is religious. An office worker who wakes up at 5am to get on the 5.45 to Charing Cross and gets home at 7.15pm for forty years of his life is taking a great step of faith that this is the best way of using his one and only life. An atheist provides all sorts of arguments to back up his or her belief that there is no God, though can prove no empirical evidence of a scientific nature (hence provides the same sorts of arguments as a believer might).
Its our secular blind culture that has made religion a dirty word - we all live by faith in one sort of thing or another. Thus the fact that you are religious should not surprise you! Its just that you Jon have a rather complex web of beliefs which make you the unique person you are (and beliefs include non-beliefs - a belief can be a decision or belief not to believe in something)

Jonathan said...

Well, Selena, I am aware of and, nay, provisionally receptive to, the notion that Satan is actually, in-itself, the feminine principle and that the fraught conflict in the universe may be merely an epic lover's tiff. Well,its one way of looking at things....? There are nonethless issues with any too simplistic grasp of this theory, me thinks.

Jonathan said...

Simon, with respect I said explicitly in this post that I am not religious, not that I am surprised that I am religious. Though I grant I could have said that I am not 'particularly' religious, since I do share certain significant things with believers that I don't with unbelievers.

I am not religious, ultimately, because God ultimately doesn't want religion. What kind of God would? I mean wnat it as an end in-itself.

I'll tell you: an imposter God who likes pretending to be God because he loves having his ego flattered.

Such is the appeal of religion to false gods who love power. Any God who was real would want to overcome the abyss between man and God that keeps the possibility of religion in place.

But so long as we insist on worshipping that which is merely external to us, I suspect the real God condescends to allow himself, grudgingly, to be put into one of our boxes. Better that as a form of mediation than nothing, I imagine him forlornly sighing.

Selena, extinction may indeed lurk. Mine! If Kuwaiti roads are anything to be guessed at anyway. Its the wild west indeed, and I a mere passenger. Though I grow used to by robust charioteer.

Your name is delightful..and your red shoes...:) If i wore such I'd certainly fall over; or the heels would snap.