Monday, November 26, 2007


Another day, another gust of sand

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Yesterday I missed my Arabic class, so I really 'pushed the boat out there', as its curiously said. I have finished reading Mark Steel's 'Reasons to be Cheerful' and Nick Cohen's 'What's left?'. I always have many books on the go at once. I'm a promiscuous tart in this respect. Virgin Megastore has a good bookshop here, but actually most of the books I have to read I brought out here myself, or got posted. Tonight I plan to go to the diving club, and to the British Embassy to feel important at the weekend.

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The latest

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Apalling internet connections engulf me. Who will rid me of this insufferable predicament!

I swam eight lenghts of a pool on Saturday, which made me feel most athletic. I didnt go to the cinema at all, which was strange. My Satellite TV connection worked and then stopped working. I reflected on the need for a bedside lamp.
My third Arabic lesson awaits me. I need a shave.

Mine is a simple life.

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Almost a Month

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27 days without booze. An unprecedented achievement. Will power has not been required. My relationship with caffeeine is healthier and robuster than ever. I go to the Gym sometimes as well. Getting apparently gets down to zero celsius during 'winter'. Should be going to Bahrain in a week or two and probably either Dubai or Muscat for a few days before Xmas.

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The Score

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The plan is to stay here for one year. Maybe longer. I have my own flat, with its own sqeaky bed. An absence of bath is forlornly noted. My fridge is not as big as some other teachers but I decree that I can live with that. "Invasion' starring Nicole Kidman was highy edited. Illegitimate Kissing, let alone spontaneous baby making is frowned on in these parts after all. It was also somewhat dull.I have broken my own rule and written more than 50 words.3 comments | Add a comment

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Emily said...

Wait till you can understand the Arabic subtitles and their complete lack of authentic translation. No cuss words there. Gosh darn it! (even that one might be memnoo'a)